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Are you installing a sign? When should you apply for authorisation?

Is prior authorisation systematically required before installing a sign?

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An application for authorisation is not always required.

An application for authorisation is required in the following cases, regardless of whether the project is temporary or permanent:

  • Sign installed within a municipality covered by local advertising regulations (RLP),
  • Sign installed on a building, in a classified or listed building, a natural monument, a listed site, etc. (see Article L. 581-4 of the French Environment Code),
  • Sign installed in a Regional Natural Park, a listed site, within a radius of 100 m and within the field of view of a Historic Monument, etc. (see Article L581-8 of the French Environment Code),
  • Laser light beam sign.

The application for authorisation also applies to the installation of tarpaulins and extra large displays.

Le point sur la demande d'autorisation préalable pour l'installation d'une enseigne

Things to remember!

In all cases, the provisions of the French Environmental Code must be applied.