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Innovation – The Sign’Lab

The Sign’Lab

Semios’ innovation platform

Semios Sign’Lab is a collaborative innovation laboratory. Semios’ 150 employees are invited to suggest new ideas and participate in the various workshops offered throughout the year.

These workshops are led by our Sourcing & Innovation Manager, supported by a team of two engineering students in their final year at ICAM apprenticeship engineering school in Vannes. We welcome a new team of engineering students every 6 months.


The aim of Sign’Lab is to:

  • Propose solutions with high added value
  • Anticipate future markets in our industry
  • Bring together our 150 employees to foster collaboration and innovation


Research criteria

The research areas selected by Sign’Lab systematically meet the following criteria:

  • Innovation
  • Technological performance
  • Environmental responsibility

Discover some of our research areas

Self-powered solutions

Semios’ Sign’Lab has developed and tested a range of standard and customised solar-powered totems and signs that are now available on the market.


A fully self-powered solution

  • Electricity generated solely by the solar panel and stored in a battery
  • No power connection so no trenching required!
  • Programmable and customisable operating schedules
  • Low maintenance (twice yearly cleaning is sufficient)

A precise study of the on-site location is carried out to identify the best solution for your needs. The study takes into account your geographical location and the orientation of your self-powered solution.

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Test du matériau recyclable cosse de riz dans l’usine Semios

Recyclable or recycled solutions

Sign’Lab has tested, developed and now markets a new 100% recyclable material made from rice husk which is adapted to the signage, advertising and decoration business.
Rice husk has been identified as an ecological alternative with extremely interesting properties and potential for our business!

This natural and durable fibre product is made up of 60% rice husk (food industry waste), 22% rock salt and 18% mineral oil.

Rice husk gives an unmistakeable woody finish.

Would you like to find out more about rice husk? Read this Semioscope article!

Solution innovante et responsable Semios

Many other projects are already in the Sign’Lab pipeline!

Sign’Lab tests and researches other solutions in its laboratory, always with an eco-responsible and innovative focus. Feel free to contact us for more information!