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Method & agility

A dedicated team to accompany you throughout your project

Semios establishes a dedicated team to follow your project step by step: a sales representative will accompany you throughout the design phase of your project. He or she is supported by a project team with specific skills in project management, computer graphics, planning/logistics, sales support, design engineering and costing. Once the project has been launched and up until final delivery, the project manager is your dedicated contact person, and the sales representative is always available to discuss the project and answer any queries you may have.

Semios project team

Detailed monitoring of your network deployment

Semios has an online tool that allows us to track the project with you in real time. It is mainly used in regional, national and international network deployments. In particular, this tool provides you with:

  • A project dashboard,
  • A list and mapping of all sites concerned by the deployment,
  • An overview of the phases commenced using colour coding,
  • Access to all documents per site (technical visits, photos, estimates, etc.).

Semios online project tracking tool

The stages of your project

Signage planning

Signage planning consists of performing research and providing strategic consulting to optimise your public’s movements. It consists in particular of analysing site plans, flows of people, etc., taking into account your technical, architectural and budgetary constraints.

Signage planning makes it possible to identify suitable solutions, taking into account the balance between the following three parameters: types of product, location, and content.

Would you like to find out more about signage planning? Read our article in Semioscope!

Research and consulting

Our teams visit your premises to carry out a site survey and identify your requirements and technical prerequisites.

Once these elements have been gathered, the feasibility study is performed by our design office and as-is/to-be computer graphics models are created by our computer graphics department.


Design & industrialisation

The aim of this phase is to design the technical solution: analysis and choice of raw materials (lighting tests, etc.), optimisation of reproducibility and costs in the context of regional, national and international network deployments, and the production of technical plans for each product.

For certain specific projects, we include a prototyping phase, produced in-house in our workshops.


Semios favours in-house, Made in France manufacturing. We have a 7000 m² production plant at our headquarters near Rennes (Le Rheu) and 4 workshops in our agencies in France (Brest, Nantes, Paris and Rennes).

Our production plant is ISO 14001 certified for Environment.

Would you like a tour of our production facilities? Do not hesitate to mention it to your Semios contact person or contact us.

All our employees are committed to sharing their work and would be very happy to show you around!


Once the solution has been manufactured, it then needs to be installed.

We have a network of installers made up of internal employees and registered partners covering the whole of France, part of Europe and Africa.

Semios national and international installation network

Need any assistance?

Our Customer Service department is available to assist you with urban planning paperwork (CERFA), to provide advice and expertise on compliance with the Local Tax on Outdoor Advertising (TLPE) where applicable, and to advise you on the specific regulations relating to Bâtiments de France, France’s national heritage supervisor.

Semios’ after-sales service can help you with any support requests relating to a product manufactured by Semios or by a third party.

Contact our after-sales service