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The environment

ISO 14001 standard

Semios and the environment

The production of illuminated signs uses products and manufacturing processes that must be controlled in order to respond to the major challenge of reducing our environmental impact.

Plastic, LED, neon, glue, … so many materials that are processed differently and must be recycled in a suitable and safe manner.

Besides the products used, reducing our environmental impact is also part of our overall management approach based on continuous improvement. This allows us to deploy and constantly upgrade our resources and solutions to optimise our processes across our various activities.

Semios expresses its convictions through partnerships and certifications that commit us to providing you with quality products while ensuring optimal management of your obsolete products and our waste.

Semios is embodied by its 150 employees, who are committed every day to managing our environmental impact, in particular through our in-house laboratory, Sign’Lab, which allows everyone to participate in developing tomorrow’s solutions today: self-powered, eco-designed, etc.

Discover the Semios Sign’Lab

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ISO 14001 certified production plant

Semios places a high priority on reducing its environmental impact. Certified ISO 14001 since 2011, Semios intends to continue its investment in its production plant and its commitment to always staying ahead in terms of reuse, recycling, reduction and sorting of waste, and rigorous selection of raw materials and suppliers.

100% of our hazardous products are disposed of by approved partners, we select our raw materials according to their environmental impact and also the impact on the health of our employees.

Semios ISO 14001 certification

Ecosystem: recycling of illuminated signs

Semios was one of the first members of the eco-organisation Ecosystem (formerly Recylum) as a signage and advertising professional for the collection and recycling of our lighting products.
Semios also worked with Ecosystem on a pilot to identify recycling solutions best suited to the specific characteristics of illuminated signs.

Semios is a member of Ecosystem to:

  • Finance the sector
  • Reduce our environmental impact
  • Ensure compliance with our legal obligations

Semios is a member of Ecosystem for the recycling of lighting products


The digital printing workshop located at our Semios agency in Rennes has been awarded the Imprim’Vert label. This commitment has led to a reduction in the environmental impact of digital printing: compliant disposal of hazardous waste, secure storage of hazardous liquids, non-use of toxic products, environmental awareness of employees and customers, and monitoring of the site’s energy consumption.

Semios Imprim’Vert label for digital printing

Our Quality & Environment Policy

As part of our design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and marketing of illuminated and non-illuminated signs, we are committed to constantly improving and perpetuating our systems with regard to the strategic challenges of our profession and our society.