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CBA Design

A green space hidden from public view

Bâche impression numérique CBA Design - Semios

CBA Design in Levallois Perret is an international design agency that designs brand identities and assists its clients with the creation of their concept.

The need?

CBA Design’s meeting rooms are on the ground floor of a building overlooking a shared green space. The view is pleasant but it lacks privacy.

The solution?

Semios proposed a turnkey solution: installation of a large opaque tarpaulin with a nature image printed on it. The tarpaulin is mounted on a self-supporting pergola that protects the wall waterproofing sealant and allows the green space to be maintained.

Creation of a custom-made pergola:

  • Technical design and installation of a pergola made of pine and composed of 6 arches.

Opaque tarpaulin:

  • For maximum privacy, a 450 gr tarpaulin, dimensions 16 m x 2 m, printed with a “nature” image.
    The tarpaulin has eyelets in the upper part and a sheath and weighted bar at the bottom.