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Lamotte Immobilier

Visual communication in all its forms!

Décoration vitrine Lamotte route du rhum - Semios

Lamotte Immobilier

Window decoration

Semios has been working with Groupe Lamotte for more than 15 years and implements their visual communication projects in the Rennes area and throughout France.

Their signage and display projects can be seen on:

  • Construction site hoardings,
  • Window displays,
  • Building name plates,
  • Portable POS displays (pull-up banners, flag signs),
  • Window graphics advertising new programmes and sales agencies,
  • visual communication campaigns for sports and cultural partnerships,
  • Temporary event signage (on Akylux corrugated polypropylene sheets),
  • Decoration of modular sales offices (Portakabin, Ageco),
  • Their exhibition stands.
décoration murale adhésive agence Lamotte Lyon - Semios

Interior decoration

Digital printing on walls, panels and windows

Semios assisted Groupe Lamotte with the interior design of their offices in Lyon.

    4-colour digital printing on extra-strong adhesive stickers with a satin laminated finish (for this project, extra-strong adhesive was used because the plasterboard backing was new),
    Installation of vinyl stickers directly on the plasterboard or painted walls and on 3 mm Dibond panels.

Semios also installs decorative elements on:

    Digitally printed window displays with visuals related to sporting and cultural events and partnerships such as the Route du Rhum and the Transat Jacques Vabre, and also for the Groupe Lamotte’s programmes.
Décoration stand sur mesure Lamotte - Semios

Lamotte Immobilier

Stand decoration

Stand decor and accessories

  • Semios provides the Groupe Lamotte with pop-up or folding stands. These displays are portable and easily transportable, making it possible to decorate a space simply and without any complex installation procedures. The graphics can be updated as necessary.
  • Semios also provides the decoration for Lamotte stands custom-made by a carpenter. The main advantage of this type of stand is its high-end appearance.
    Composed of backlit or PVC panels, they can be renewed as new programmes are introduced.
  • Semios takes care of fitting out the bare units in exhibition halls. This consists of modular partitions ranging from 3 m² to 30 m² and decorated in the colours of each new Groupe Lamotte programme using fire-retardant tarpaulins (M1), printed using the 4-colour process and stretched using aluminium profiles at the top and bottom, hung on the partitions. The partitions are complemented by portable reception desks.
Semios yellow decoration

Construction site panels

  • For works carried out as part of the Groupe Lamotte’s construction, pre-construction and marketing phases, Semios manufactures 4 x 3 m or 6 x 3 m site panels or other custom formats, as required.

Giant tarpaulins

  • For some building rehabilitation projects, Semios supplies extra large tarpaulins with visual displays. These mesh tarpaulins cover the entire building, such as the 43 m x 10.20 m tarpaulin used for the Soren project in Nantes. They are stretched over frames and attached using bungee cords.

Temporary decorative displays

  • For a cocktail reception to present a new construction project – Cours d’Allonvile in Nantes – and the laying of the first stone with elected officials, Semios created the temporary decor in an old hangar, covering the walls and ceiling with stretched tarpaulins in white brushed cotton, i.e. more than 200 m². It was installed and removed in just a few hours.