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Nantes Exhibition Centre

Out-of-the-ordinary decors for an XXL exhibition

Impression numérique l'exposition la Mer XXL - Semios


Nantes Exhibition Centre

“La Mer XXL” Exhibition

After a successful bid, Semios was selected by the Nantes Exhibition Centre to manufacture and install signage for all their professional events.

The challenge?

As part of the “La Mer XXL” exhibition, Semios had to create the signage and the decorations of the halls for the 7 themes developed during the event.


Implement all the unique and custom-made decoration elements in close collaboration with the choreographer.

Bâche d'entrée de l'exposition la Mer XXL - Semios

One XXL entrance tarpaulin

Installation without drilling

  • Tarpaulin with digitally printed decor (33 metres by 11 metres), plus two lower parts on a self-supporting frame (19 metres by 3.5 metres). 250 kgs of tarpaulin without any drilling on the building.
Semios yellow decoration

More details:

  • Structure with a diameter of 13 metres suspended 12 metres high, digitally printed decoration.
  • Covering of a 9-metre cubic structure with letters cut out on both sides.
  • Hexagon with 6 sides of 2 x 2 metres made of wood and painted entirely by hand with a rust finish.
  • And many other unique achievements