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Bistro Régent – Saint-Herblain

Hanging signs and channel letters

Fourniture et pose d'une enseigne texte boîtier lumineux - Bistro Régent - St Herblain - Semios


Bistro Régent – Saint-Herblain

Channel letters and illuminated hanging signs

Marc Vanhove created the Bistro Régent network in 2010. After opening three restaurants simultaneously in Bordeaux, he launched the franchise in 2011. Today the network has more than 100 restaurants. The Bistro Régent restaurants are based on a “single dish” concept, accompanied by fresh fries and salad.

Semios manufactured and installed the illuminated signs for both facades of the new Bistro Régent in St-Herblain Atlantis.

High visibility on two facades!

Project details:

  • 2 illuminated texts: “Bistro Régent le restaurant” in assembled channel letters with white light diffusing front and edges in black opaque acrylic. Set on a black-coated aluminium sheet.
    Format 2440 x 2350 mm.
  • 3 double-sided hanging signs in black-coated aluminium, openwork design, LED lighting
    The window graphics are made of green frosted vinyl.
  • Inside, the walls are decorated with cut-out PVC lettering.
  • Photos of Nantes are printed digitally and glued onto Dibond panels.