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Hilton Garden Inn – Bordeaux & Massy

Hilton Worlwild – Garden Inn Hotel Brand

Enseigne et logo du Hilton Garden Inn à Bordeaux - Semios


Hilton Garden Inn – Bordeaux & Massy

Illuminated signs

14 brands, 106 countries, more than 5400 hotels worldwide! Semios is pleased to have Hilton as one of its customers and to manufacture and install its illuminated signs at a national level. Hilton Worldwide plans to double its hotel capacity in France by 2020

The Naos Hôtel Group hired Semios for the Garden Inn hotel projects in Bordeaux and Massy. Established in 2007, the Naos Hôtel group manages a portfolio of hotels and develops its business through Upscale and Midscale hotel programmes under franchise with international brands.

Enseigne et logo lumineux Hilton Garden Inn - Massy - Semios siège

Hilton Garden Inn illuminated sign & logos

Illuminated signs and logo

  • The Garden Inn logo is a single-sided 3 mm opaque red acrylic box with laminated hollow white light-diffusing logo.
  • The text Hilton Garden Inn is in channel lettering made from 3 mm red light-diffusing acrylic with stainless steel relief.
  • The internal lighting of the logo and text is provided by white and red LEDs.
  • Depending on the location of the illuminated signs and logos on the Bordeaux and Massy hotels, the dimensions range from 9653 mm x 1850 mm to 3580 mm x 350 mm.
Enseigne bandeau lumineuse restaurant Babette Hilton Garden Inn Massy - Semios


Hilton Garden Inn – Bordeaux & Massy

Babette restaurant signs

“Babette” Restaurant – Bordeaux & Massy

Signage for the Massy hotel

  • 1 illuminated banner sign with matt black aluminium front
    Text “BABETTE” in 20 mm inlaid acrylic letters
    Logo, petals and border in 3 mm laminated acrylic
    Banner illuminated with white LEDs and 12 V converter
    Banner dimensions: 3840 X 700 mm
  • 1 illuminated hanging sign with front and relief in white light-diffusing acrylic + matt black adhesive with protective varnish.
    Interior lighting with white LEDs.
    Dimensions: 800 X 800 mm

Signage for the Bordeaux hotel

• 2 illuminated signs with the text “BABETTE” in 2146 mm x 500 mm
channel lettering with 20 mm white light-diffusing acrylic front and 60 mm opaque white sides.
Interior lighting with white 12 V LEDs.
The text is positioned on an aluminium frame in faux-wood colour.
• 2 single-sided illuminated boxes with the text “BABETTE” and “RESTAURANT CAFE STORE”
Dimensions: 2480 X 917 mm
On the front: logo and text “BABETTE” in white 20 mm laminated light diffusing acrylic
Text “Restaurant Café Store” in laminated white light-diffusing acrylic
On the back: white text non-illuminated adhesive

Semios yellow decoration

Window film

Hilton Garden Inn window film on hotels:
• 900 mm x 656 mm “BABETTE” logos made of white adhesive placed on the inside of the window.
• Text “SERVICE NON STOP 7J/7, CAFE, CONCEPT STORE, HAPPY HOURS,…” in white adhesive placed on the inside of the window.
• Security strips in white adhesive, 3 different styles depending on the doors.