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Logis Hotels

A 100% recyclable nameplate

Plaque de signalétique peinte et vernie - Cosse de riz - Semios

Logis Hotels, Europe’s leading independent hotel and restaurant chain with 2,200 establishments, implemented a new segmentation to differentiate its establishments based on the experience offered to customers, instead of a traditional hotel ranking.

  • For the accommodation: Essentiel, Cosy, Elégance, Logis d’Exception.
  • For the restaurants: De terroir, Gourmand, Savoureux, Table distinguées, Table d’Exception

The project?

The Fédération Internationale des Logis launched a call for tenders to replace all of the nameplates located at the entrances to its hotels.

The goal?

The tender included specific requirements in terms of eco-design and resistance to weather conditions.

The solution?

Semios proposed a 100% recyclable and particularly resistant material that can be used both indoors and outdoors for signage, advertising and decoration.

Semios yellow decoration

More than 500 Logis hotels have chosen rice husks for the signs!

The 4 hotel segments and 5 restaurant segments offer 20 possible combinations, as well as the 4 categories of Office Hotels, making a total of 24 models to be created.

  • 300 x 200 x 8 mm nameplates made from Rice Husk composite panels.
  • Digitally printed decoration and application of anti-UV treatment.

100% recyclable

An unmistakeable woody finish!

This material made of natural fibres has a wide range of applications. Find out more here