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Louvre Hotels Group

More than 1,500 1 to 5-star hotels in 54 countries

Enseigne texte et logo lumineux Golden Tulip - Semios

Louvre Hotels Group is a major player in the global hospitality industry with a full hotel offering, spanning 1 star to 5 stars, including the iconic brands: Royal Tulip, Golden Tulip, Tulip residence, Campanile, Kyriad, Kyriad Direct, Tulip Inn and Première Class; the 5 brands of the Sarovar network in India, the Hôtels & Préférence Group as well as the Chinese brand, Metropolo.

Semios, a partner of the Louvre Hotels Group for more than 10 years, manufactures and installs illuminated and non-illuminated signs, totems, archways and menu holders for more than 600 establishments.

Our mission

  • To provide technical and visual solutions.
  • To ensure a uniform image for each of the hotel brands
Semios yellow decoration

Golden Tulip

  • Illuminated channel letters in blue & white or plain white. Letter heights from 500 m to 1000 mm with LED lighting.
  • Single-sided illuminated reception sign, blue or white lettering.
  • Illuminated hanging sign with blue or white lettering.
  • Non-illuminated canvas vertical banner.
  • Double-sided illuminated “welcome” totem on blue or white background.
Enseigne boîtier lumineuse Campanile - Semios


  • Illuminated channel lettering for roof and facade. Installation on metal frame or on coated rails in the same colours as the facade.
  • LED block lettering.
  • Illuminated channel lettering on aluminium tray panel.
  • Campanile logo lightbox.
  • Double-sided or single-sided illuminated welcome totem and price display, 1.10 m x 3.20 m.
  • Wall-mounted or free-standing illuminated reception totem, window and Cadromatic display area.
  • Vertical banners.
Enseigne lumineuse Kyriad hotel - Semios


  • Roof sign, acrylic channel lettering, white light-diffusing front with black & white adhesive. Opaque black relief and white adhesive interior.
  • Illuminated gable sign consisting of a coated aluminium tray panel and channel lettering with white light-diffusing acrylic front.
  • Entrance box sign made of a coated aluminium sheet with a stencil-cut, folded and welded front and Kyriad text affixed behind in white light-diffusing acrylic.
  • Illuminated square Kyriad hanging sign
  • Vertical banner, opaque PVC tarpaulin with decoration on both sides.
  • Welcome totem, pricing and reception information on stand or wall.
Panneau directionnel et prix Kyriad Direct - Semios


  • Roof or facade sign in illuminated channel lettering.
  • Kyriad: white front with blue double-pass digitally printed micro-perforated adhesive. Opaque white relief, coated blue. DIRECT: white light-diffusing front with a border around the blue-coated lettering. Opaque white relief, coated blue.
  • Entrance and gable sign banner in coated aluminium tray panel.
  • Non-illuminated hanging sign made of aluminium sheet with white adhesive decoration.
  • Digitally printed vertical banner, opaque PVC tarpaulin with decoration on both sides.
  • Single-sided illuminated welcome totem made of aluminium sheet. Integration of LED or split-flap price display.
  • Wall-mounted rates and opening hours panel in aluminium sheet with blue adhesive decoration.
  • Entrance door window film with logo and lettering in white adhesive. Installation on outside surface of glass.
Enseigne et vitrophanie Première Classe - Semios

Première Classe

  • “Première Classe” text in illuminated channel lettering, “Hotel” front in yellow light-diffusing acrylic, Première Classe in white with black & white adhesive. Relief and backing in black aluminium.
  • Flower logo in lightbox with front in yellow light diffusing acrylic, stem in white acrylic with black & white adhesive. Height: 600 mm to 2000 mm.
  • Flower logo and text “HOTEL” in single-sided lightbox sign.
  • Stretched canvas box, dimensions 2500 x 2500 mm.