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Onomo Hotels

A growing network in Africa

Enseigne lumineuse Onomo hôtels Libreville - Semios

Onomo Hotels

Outdoor sign

Onomo Hotels was established in 2009, and since then has opened more than twenty hotels throughout Africa. Semios has been accompanying the hotel group in their development for several years in many countries: Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Guinea, Gabon, Togo, Senegal and more recently Morocco in Rabat, Tangier and Casablanca.

The goal?

To deploy a consistent brand image for all its hotels.

The solution?

  • Semios, in collaboration with the Onomo hotel group, drew up the technical recommendations for outdoor signs and indoor signage.
  • The Semios agency in Casablanca manages the group’s projects on the African continent. We have an ideal proximity for the implementation of signage and advertising projects, as well as the monitoring of work sites in close collaboration with the deployment managers and hotel owners.
Enseigne texte lumineux Onomo Hotel Tanger Med - Semios

Projects in detail

The signs:

  • Horizontal illuminated channel letters on the facade, roof and entrance banner with 3 mm white light-diffusing acrylic font and black and white adhesive.
    Profile height 120 mm in 3 mm opaque white acrylic. Lettering base in 10 mm PVC.
  • Vertical channel letters with indirect lighting.
  • Banner sign in 4 mm folded white Alucobond.
  • Illuminated double-sided flag sign made of 1.5 mm stencil-cut, folded and coated aluminium sheet. Vertical “Onomo” and “hotel” text in white light-diffusing acrylic and black and white adhesive. Galvanised steel internal structure.
  • Free-standing double-sided illuminated totem, height 7.50 m.
  • Double-sided illuminated totem, height 5 m, in stencil-cut, folded and white coated 4 mm aluminium sheet. “Onomo” lettering in painted Black & White acrylic.
  • Single-sided non-illuminated totem, height 4m, with matt black adhesive at the bottom.
  • Flag sign on pole, canopy banner.
Semios yellow decoration

Interior signage

  • Illuminated double-sided poster display
  • Customer information and recommendation panel in 1.5 mm folded aluminium sheet, coated in metallic grey with matt black adhesive decoration. Protected with matt polyurethane varnish.
  • Vertical room number plate in 2 mm grey-coated aluminium sheet. 40 mm high numbers in 2 mm black matt acrylic. Visual in Braille with 12 mm high numbers in 2 mm black matt acrylic.
  • Vertical plate with pictogram.
  • Door sign, wayfinding wall sign, wayfinding and information hanging sign, etc.
  • Floor number cut out of 3 mm matt acrylic. Number height 400 mm.
Décoration suspendue Onomo hôtels - Semios

Did you say “frou-frou”?

Onomo Hotels wish to reflect the cultural richness of Africa in its decor.

  • An example of products directly inspired by African life: Semios created the decoration for the “frou-frou” suspended mobiles. Intended to be installed in the reception area, their dimensions vary from 0.70 m to 1.80 m.