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SNCF – The challenge of social distancing signage

Controlling the flow of people and protecting travellers

Signaletique assise deconfinement gare SNCF - Semios

The project?

To accompany our customer SNCF to install, within the space of a week, all the signage necessary to control passenger flow in order to ensure, for their safety, respect for social distancing in the context of the health crisis linked to Covid-19.

The goal?

To manufacture, install and adapt all the adhesive signage for 33 train stations in Brittany and Pays de Loire, including Rennes, Lorient, Nantes, Le Mans, Saint-Malo, Dol de Bretagne, Redon, Lamballe and les Sables d’Olonne.

Our mission

The Semios agencies in Rennes, Nantes and Brest were mobilised to print, cut out and install social distancing adhesive signage supplemented by directional signage painted on the ground to control the flows of traffic on the platforms and in the tunnels.

Signaletique inerieure ascenseur gare SNCF - Semios

More than 2,000 pictograms!

Travellers guided by floor signage

Travellers are now guided for all their movements within these SNCF stations. For arrivals and departures, at counters and in waiting areas, restaurants and shops, the public can move around easily while respecting the social distancing and health measures in place due to the health crisis.

The digitally printed adhesives were applied to the floor with reinforced glue and anti-slip lamination.

  • Elevators: adhesives to indicate to press elevator buttons using the elbow; images on the floor to indicate where each person should stand and the maximum allowable number of people at the same time.
  • Queues: round stickers to encourage people to respect waiting areas when going to shops, restaurants, snack bars or even when retrieving a ticket from SNCF ticket machines.
  • Traffic: herringbone arrows to ensure that traffic flows in a single direction only. The arrows were painted onto the platforms. 110 herringbone arrows were installed in the Rennes train station alone!
  • Seating: pictograms to indicate which seats may or may not be used.

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