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E.Leclerc – Gouesnou illuminated signs

E.Leclerc, Station Service, Leclerc Jouet and l’Auto signs

Enseigne lumineuses E.Leclerc fabriquée et posée par Semios, vue de nuit


E.Leclerc – Gouesnou

Outdoor signs

The Leclerc centre in Gouesnou underwent a complete renovation, both inside and outside. The Semios’ Brest agency was selected to produce the exterior signs by the owner in coordination with the project manager (from the 2CZI agency).

Enseigne lumineuse et logo E.Leclerc Gouesnou, vue de jour

Illuminated E.Leclerc sign and logos

2 logos with a diameter of 6 metres

  • An illuminated sign in 3-metre high channel letters mirrored with an illuminated logo lightbox of 6 metres in diameter on the main facade.
  • An illuminated logo in a 6-metre diameter lightbox installed in the forecourt at the eastern entrance to the store.
Le totem et la station service E.Leclerc Gouesnou, fabrication et pose Semios.

E.Leclerc – Gouesnou

Totem and station signs

The Service Station

  • The service station was also completely redesigned. Here too, Semios was responsible for manufacturing a 6 m x 1.8 m fuel price display totem.
  • A total of five LED displays per side were integrated into the totem.
  • Illuminated channel lettering was also installed on the station canopy.
Semios yellow decoration

E.Leclerc – Jouet & l’auto

  • A new building was built to house the Leclerc toys and automotive specialised stores.
    Under the coordination of the project manager, 3 illuminated signs were also manufactured and installed by Semios.