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Axiome Kitchens

Total wrapping of professional vehicles

Pose d'un total covering sur véhicule des cuisines Axiome Rennes - Semios


Axiome Kitchens

Total vehicle wrap for Cuisines Axiome in Rennes

The Rennes-based company Axiome offers top-of-the-range kitchens, dressing rooms and bathrooms.

In order to optimise its visibility in the Rennes region, Axiome requested Semios to add display graphics to its professional vehicles.

The goal?

To promote its high-end image, Axiome expected a very high-level finish and high-quality rendering.

The Semios’ solution

Semios proposed a total wrap to dramatise Axiome’s installations on its two company vehicles.

Semios yellow decoration
  • A total wrap consists of covering the entire bodywork with a printed or mass-coloured adhesive.
  • The adhesive used is specific to this technique and requires specialist knowledge and expertise.
  • A sophisticated communication technology that is not an economical alternative to painting vehicles.

Advertising on vehicles What are the rules?

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