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Cuisines Références – Guipavas (Finistère)

Facade advertising and illuminated signs

Enseigne lumineuse cuisines références à Guipavas - Semios


Cuisines Références

Facade advertising and signs

Cuisines Références was established in 1989 as part of the GRAM Group of Furniture Stores. The company then joined the Snaidero Group, which also includes the Cuisine Plus and Ixina brands. The network has more than 100 stores throughout France.

Semios manufactured and installed the signs for the store in Guipavas.

Semios yellow decoration

Project details

  • A 5 m x 0.80 m illuminated banner sign made of a 2 mm aluminium sheet coated blue.
  • Text “CUISINES REFERENCES” in white light-diffusing plexiglass and raised 15 mm above the banner.
  • White LED interior lighting. A red light diffusing plexiglass band with red LED lighting runs along the entire bottom of the banner.

The following solutions were also implemented to complete the facade design:

  • 5.16 m x 0.56 m non-illuminated banner sign installed beside the first one. Banner made of grey-coated aluminium sheet with white and grey adhesive text: “Vos créateurs cuisinistes Thierry JEZEQUEL Anthony CUFF”.
  • 2.20 m x 2.27 non-illuminated banner sign made of grey-coated aluminium sheet. The text “AMENAGEMENT INTÉRIEUR, CUISINES, DRESSING” in 10 mm white Komacel PVC letters are affixed flat onto the banner. The dashes separating each line are made of 100 mm red lacquered Komacel PVC and affixed flat onto the banner.
  • Wayfinding sign in 1 m x 0.70 m white pre-coated Dibond with adhesive decoration. The sign is fixed flat onto the wall.
  • To complete the exterior signage, white adhesive lettering is affixed to the glass entrance door.