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Nissan – Launch of the new Juke

Window film and tarpaulin for the launch of the new NISSAN Juke

Nissan - Rennes & St Jouan des Guérets pose de vitrophanie et bâche - Semios


Nissan – Rennes and St Jouan des Guérets

Window film and tarpaulin

Supply and installation of window film and a tarpaulin to present the new Nissan Juke in Rennes and Saint-Jouan des Guérets.

Voted best Nissan dealership in France by customers, Nissan Espace 3 received the award for 2017 best car dealer by Auto Plus.

The Nissan dealership hired Semios Rennes to present the new vehicle in Rennes and Saint-Jouan des Guérets.

Nissan – Espace 3 – Rennes

43 m² of window film

  • 43 m² of micro-perforated adhesive was applied, as well as a white XXL adhesive on the dealership facade.
  • For the launch of the new Juke, the Nissan dealership wanted to highlight the profile of the new Juke without obscuring the entire showroom. We proposed a mixed decoration solution (micro-perforated + white cut-out adhesive). The micro-perforated adhesive allows a little light to pass through and the cut-out adhesive does not cover the entire glass surface.
Nissan - Rennes & St Jouan des Guérets pose de vitrophanie et bâche - Semios

St Jouan des Guérets


Installing the tarpaulin

An XXL tarpaulin:

  • In Saint-Jouan des Guérets, we installed a 48 m² XXL tarpaulin on the facade of the dealership.
  • As the glass panels were too small and not very visible, we opted for a tarpaulin hung on a section of the wall of the building. Ideally positioned for good visibility on either side of the street.