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Optical store Les Super Miroos

Signage, advertising and furniture

Semios, Logo boitier lumineux super miroos


Les Super Miroos – Brest

Signage, advertising and furniture

Les Super Miroos is a new optical/eyewear concept store based in Rue de Siam, in Brest. The quirky name sets the tone for this new boutique, which aims to create an “off the beaten track” image. The frames are aimed at adults, but the brand wants to specialise in children’s eyewear.

Trace, interior architects and prime contractor on this project, tasked Semios with designing the image of the Les Super Miroos store as part of its overall offer. Our assignment ranged from the manufacture and installation of illuminated signs to the integration of signage and window films, as well as the creation of specific units to store the glasses.

Semios, fabrication et pose caisson lumineux et rangement lunettes

Inside the store

harmonious brightness of the furnishings

  • A single-sided lightbox in white light-diffusing acrylic with a digitally printed decoration. The lightbox is set inside a brass frame.
  • An illuminated logo set into the side of the counter in white light-diffusing acrylic channel letters covered with a yellow-orange adhesive. Indirect lighting is provided by white LEDs.
  • For the furnishings, Semios created no less than 438 trays (plexiglass boxes for storing frames) made of satin acrylic consisting of a base and four sides. The acrylic pieces were then glued together to form the trays.
Semios yellow decoration

Manufacture and installation of signage:

  • An illuminated sign consisting of a folded, black-coated aluminium sheet with the store name in white light-diffusing acrylic lettering and the logo covered with a yellow-orange adhesive.
  • A double-sided illuminated sign measuring 0.60 x 0.60 m was created with a 40 x 40 aluminium frame and mounting plate. The sides are made of folded black-coated aluminium sheets with a matt finish. The logo in white light-diffusing acrylic is covered with a yellow-orange adhesive. Interior lighting of the hanging sign with white LEDs.
  • A 0.44 x 0.44 m opening hours sign made of 10 mm thick aluminium with a rusty effect. The lettering and logo are engraved.
  • A window film, Optician text and logo in orange-yellow cut-out adhesive placed indoors.