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Ti Kaol Pharmacy – Lanester (Morbihan)

A completely revamped facade

Habillage de façade de pharmacie - Semios


Ti Kaol Pharmacy

A completely revamped facade

Under a change of ownership, the new pharmacist wanted to redo the facade and its advertising.

To create an original design and optimise its visibility, the owner chose the colour blue.

What advantages did Semios bring to this project?

Its experience in advising its customers and assisting them with their choices:

  • the colour scheme,
  • the typography,
  • the visual of the 2 crosses integrated into the facade cladding.

Project details

  • The LED illuminated texts and the crosses are in 30 mm acrylic with digital printing added to the front in a blue and green gradient.
  • The facade cladding is made of folded and coated aluminium sheet.
  • Part of the windows were covered with digitally printed adhesive.