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JC Decaux Artvertising

Giant signs

Enseigne monumentale de toiture - Semios


JC Decaux Artvertising

Giant signs

JC Decaux is a French family-owned business that creates furniture and services to make the city more pleasant, welcoming and responsible.

Semios installed giant roof signs, illuminated advertising media and headquarters signs for JC Decaux Artvertising all over France.

The challenge?

To meet a high level of requirements for the aesthetic and technical quality of the products used.

What are the Semios advantages for this type of project?

Its technical capacity and in-house production team

Enseigne de siège social - Semios

Some more info

  • Giant channel lettering in welded aluminium
  • Front light diffusing acrylic supported by peripheral mountings
  • Design notes specific to each project for the construction of load-bearing structures