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Totem and illuminated signs for Coméca in Orvault

A totem design consistent with the building’s facade

Conception, fabrication et installation des enseignes et totems lumineux par Semios


Coméca – Orvault (Loire-Atlantique)

Signs and totem

Coméca Les Maisons is the reference for home builders in the west of France, with 9 agencies across three departments: Loire Atlantique, Maine et Loire and Vendée.
Our customer asked us to create and install its totem design and signage for its new agency in Orvault.

Totem avec caisson lumineux - Comeca - Orvault

Project details

  • A simple 1500 x 1400 mm totem in galvanised steel with a luminous assembled plexiglass box (the wooden covering of the frame was made by the customer)
    The text “Constructeur depuis 1894” is in PVC lettering,
  • The vertical COMECA sign is made of luminous channel letters with a grey and white plexiglass front. The edges are in opaque white 3 mm plexiglass.
    Height of the letters: 650 mm,
  • Front lightbox in white light-diffusing acrylic and digital print decoration, internal lighting with white LEDs,
  • Coméca Les Maisons lightbox. Format: 800 X 800 mm