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Signage for Guéguen Avocats law firm – La Chapelle Sur Erdre

High-end illuminated signs

Fabrication et pose par Semios d'une enseigne et logo en inox brossé


Guéguen Law Firm – La Chapelle Sur Erdre – France

Outdoor and indoor signs

The Guéguen Avocats law firm was established in 1978 and is located in La Chapelle Sur Erdre on the outskirts of Nantes. It is a leading expert in business law in the west of France.
It has just under 35 staff, including some 20 lawyers and highly qualified jurists.

During the renovation of their building and the fitting out of their exteriors, the firm asked us to supply them with elegant, top-of-the-range illuminated signs.
For the exterior and the reception area, we proposed brushed aluminium backlit signs.

Détail lettre en inox brossé

Brushed stainless steel channel letters

Outdoor illuminated sign

  • The outdoor illuminated sign is manufactured and installed on a grey-coated aluminium base with hollow joints.
    The logo is in brushed stainless steel channel lettering on spacers, and indirect lighting is provided by white LEDs.
    Format 2000 x 600 mm.
  • The lettering for “avocats” is cut out of brushed stainless steel.
Fourniture et pose par Semios de l'enseigne intérieure accueil cabinet Guéguen Avocats

Guéguen Law Firm – La Chapelle Sur Erdre – France

Outdoor and indoor signs

Inside the building, the sign behind the reception desk:

  • Logo: Brushed stainless steel channel letters, indirect lighting with white LEDs
    “avocats”: Letters cut out of brushed aluminium.
    Format 2000 x 600 mm.