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Frey – Shopping Promenade

A wide-ranging project… from signage planning to giant signs and wooden signage

Enseignes entrée Shopping Promenade Amiens - Semios

Frey – Shopping Promenade

Sign and signage

Frey, a specialist in commercial urban planning since 1983 and a pioneer of ecological retail parks, launched an innovative concept with 40,000 m² of shops and services that places the visitor at the heart of an open space.

Shopping Promenade Coeur Picardie in Amiens offers an open-air shopping experience. It is more than just a place to shop, it is a living space.

The project?

To accompany Frey with its project to create a new open-air shopping centre with an eco-friendly focus,

Our mission

  • To carry out signage planning for the entire site,
  • To design, manufacture and install end-to-end solutions, from giant signs to hanging signs,
  • To propose products that are adapted to an eco-friendly approach.
Enseigne lumineuse arche shopping promenade - Semios

11-metre high arch

Illuminated giant sign with rust effect

  • Creation of the 11-metre long arch-shaped structure positioned between two buildings, above the main entrance.
  • Calculation of structural and building resistance performed in-house by our design office.

Details of the giant sign:

    • Supporting structure in galvanised and powder-coated steel (height 1000 mm).
    • Hollow letters in raw steel, degreased and then left to age outdoors to obtain the desired rust effect before being varnished.
    • Bulb effect achieved by embedding acrylic discs in the recesses of the sheet metal.
    • Lighting by LED lights placed inside each letter.

The 11-metre long arch was erected by crane and attached to plates fixed to the two buildings.

Semios yellow decoration

Details of the other solutions

  • 15 m long non-illuminated text “Shopping Promenade” in channel lettering with indirect spot lighting.
  • 2 illuminated texts “Shopping Promenade” in LED acrylic block lettering, indirect lighting.
  • Non-illuminated text “Coeur Picardie” on the entrance wall, separated with spacers.
  • 1 40 m x 8.5 non-illuminated text cut out of black Dibond, surface mounted on cladding.
  • 40 double-sided illuminated hanging signs with logo decoration digitally printed onto film.
  • Illuminated and non-illuminated texts for brands and services in the shopping centre.
  • 11 double-sided vertical banners on masts.
Plan en relief panneau bois Shopping Promenade Amiens - Semios

Wood for signage, which is central to the eco-friendly theme

Semios carried out research and tests to identify an eco-friendly wood for signage application: an original finish integrated into the overall project and used for more than 40 single-sided and double-sided information and wayfinding panels of various dimensions.

The text, decorations and pictograms are engraved into the sign using a numerical control system and painted in 1 colour.

Raised site map

For the 4 single-sided “Directory” location panels, a 35 mm recess was made in the base panel to position the building blocks in relief, with separations and markers engraved into the panel.

Signage planning optimises the customer journey

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