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Groupe CGR Cinemas

Deployment of the new image and ICE rooms

Enseigne extérieure du cinéma CGR Tours 2 Lions réalisée par Semios


Groupe CGR Cinemas

Deployment of the new image and ICE rooms

Semios is assisting CGR in the deployment of its new image and ICE theatres throughout France. It has already designed, manufactured and installed the concept in more than 30 cinemas in France.

What is the challenge for Semios?

To design and implement solutions that live up to the premium status of the ICE room concept.

Semios yellow decoration

To immerse themselves even more in the action of the movies, CGR Cinemas are equipped with ICE (Immersive Cinema Experience) theatres, exclusive to CGR Cinemas.

The principle is as follows:

  • Projection: a latest generation 4K projector
  • Sound: Dolby ATMOS technology with 52 different sound sources
  • Experience: immersive scenographic corridor and several screens arranged on the sides of the room that accompany the main screen
  • Comfort: wide and reclining club chairs
  • Service: privileged welcome (numbered chairs)
Enseigne lumineuse extérieure ICE réalisée par Semios

Project details

Each project is custom-made. Semios adapts the dimensions for each site.

  • ICE lightbox signs
  • CGR and ICE banner signs
  • “Cinema” channel lettering signs
  • Interior non-illuminated signage for access to the rooms
  • Illuminated decorations for the projection rooms