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Klépierre – The Prado

Enhance the identity of an exceptional 23,000 m² shopping centre

Enseignes lumineuses le Prado vue de nuit - Semios

Klépierre – Marseille Prado

Signs and signage

A major player in shopping centre real estate, Klépierre has a presence in a dozen countries throughout continental Europe. Semios is proud to support Klépierre in its new construction and renovation/extension projects.

The project?

Semios supported Klépierre in the creation of the Prado shopping centre, setting a new standard for high-end shopping in Marseille.

Semios’ mission

  • Carry out the interior and exterior signage planning for the future shopping centre,
  • Work closely with the other trades to ensure project completion in time for the inauguration,
  • Design, manufacture and install signs and signage for the entire shopping centre, working closely with the project management team and design architects to ensure strict compliance with the specifications and charter.
Pose alpinistes enseigne Galeries Lafayette Le Prado - Semios

Close to 70 signs

Illuminated signs with channel letters.

  • 5 “Prado” illuminated signs (length 6340 mm).
  • 5 “Galeries Lafayette” illuminated signs, installed on a mirrored surface.
  • 17 illuminated brand signs throughout the shopping centre.
  • 1 illuminated text “La Canopée” with indirect lighting.
  • 36 double-sided illuminated hanging signs for shop units, design engraved on both sides and black micro-perforated adhesive film.

Non-illuminated solutions:

  • 2 non-illuminated texts “La Canopée” cut out of coated aluminium sheet.
  • Graphic “welcome” wall comprising a multicoloured adhesive decoration, non-illuminated channel lettering and cut-out text in 10 mm acrylic.
Enseigne lumineuse nuit Auchan Gourmand Le Prado - Semios

Klépierre – Marseille Prado

Signs and signage

Auchan Gourmand

Le Prado has added a 2,300 m² food hall – an exclusive concept designed around local products – to its shopping and restaurant offer.
Semios designed all the interior signs for the store.

  • 5 illuminated texts “Auchan Gourmand” and “Caisses” in white light-diffusing acrylic with opaque coated relief.
  • 4 texts “Boulangerie”, “Traiteur”, “Boucherie” and “Fromage” in channel lettering.
  • 6 non-illuminated texts “Auchan Gourmand” in opaque glossy white adhesive, placed on the windows.
  • 7 non-illuminated texts “Pizza”, “Libre service”, “Accueil/sortie”.
  • 30 double-sided hanging vertical banners for aisle and product identification.
  • 1 set of 92 texts in opaque white adhesive of different sizes, laid flat.
Panneaux signalétique intérieur le Prado - Semios


Semios also produced all the interior illuminated and non-illuminated signage, including information panels, wayfinding signs, pictograms and totems.

  • More than 30 non-illuminated wall panels coated in satin black with white adhesive decoration and satin varnish.
  • Set of letters and pictograms: elevators, parking, no smoking, etc.
  • 9 double-sided illuminated and non-illuminated white light-diffusing totems. Separating line and illuminated section in extra thick light-diffusing acrylic.

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