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Pathé Gaumont Cinemas

Deployment of the Christian Lacroix concept


Pathé Gaumont Cinemas

Deployment of the Christian Lacroix concept

Christian Lacroix has designed a unique concept for Gaumont cinemas in which shapes, volumes and colour schemes create a modern, warm and upscale universe.

Semios assisted with the deployment of this concept, offering unique and custom-made solutions to fit this concept.

Cinéma Gaumont, mobile, concept décoration Christian Lacroix - Semios

Combining technique with aesthetics:

Among the solutions identified to accompany Christian Lacroix’s concept for Gaumont, the mobiles are a very good illustration of the technical work carried out to complement the aesthetic look. Our teams responded to several challenges:
– How to technically design a unique and custom-made creation made of 4 parts and suspended on a single axis that allows the logos to rotate while ensuring the safety of the display in a public-access building?
– How to ensure the balance and stability of all the decorative elements in a single space?
– What materials should be used that will complement the design concept?

Semios yellow decoration

The choice of materials

is essential for this type of unique, custom-designed creation. It is a delicate interplay of materials, mixing opacity, colour, mirrors and transparency to blend perfectly into the concept designed by Christian Lacroix. Enhancing the visual lightness of the mobile while integrating the dominant red of the concept and the warmth it conveys.

At the technical level, our design office produced all the plans and prototypes, which were validated by an independent control office before deployment.

The mobiles were designed, manufactured and installed by Semios throughout France.

Cinéma Gaumont - numérotation lumineuse des salles - Semios


Gaumont Cinema

Cinema screen signage – Semios

Many other unique, custom-designed creations were made by Semios as part of this design project:

– Signage of screen numbers.
– Thermoformed tear-shaped lighting on the side walls of the auditoriums.
– Film poster displays.
– Wayfinding signage.
– “Daisy” wall lights: white light-diffusing acrylic wall lights.
– Anti-collision strips.
– Neon ambiance lighting.
– Window film