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Redevco – Espace du Palais

A shopping centre in the historic centre of Rouen

Enseigne et logo Espace du Palais Rouen - Semios

Redevco, a retail and residential real estate investment management company, began development work on the Espace du Palais shopping centre located in the heart of Rouen, and asked Semios to create the signs and signage for the project.

The project?

As part of the internal and external renovation of the shopping centre, to create all the signs and signage while ensuring the safety of the area, which remained open to the public during works.

Our mission

  • Identify technical solutions to achieve a precise, atypical graphic rendering.
  • Size, design and manufacture the main giant sign of the shopping centre.
  • Generally, to support Redevco with various solutions:
    • Wooden screens in sign frames integrated into the design of the centre.
    • Decorative illuminated panels in acrylic resin.
    • Decorative digital printing.
Enseignes sur claustra Espace du Palais Rouen - Semios

Illuminated signs and logo

Aluminium arch and wooden screens

Semios designed, manufactured and installed all of the illuminated signs for the shopping centre.

  • Signs in channel lettering with light-diffusing front installed on a mirrored surface.
  • White light-diffusing LED block lettering signs with opaque relief.
  • Logos composed of a set of textured, light-diffusing and mass-coloured Dacryl panels.
  • Exterior wall cladding panel consisting of vertical solid oak slats.
  • 6.50 m x 3.10 m archway with bronze finish on sides and profiles. Invisible fixtures to attach the sheets to the structure.
Signalétique murale Espace du Palais Rouen - Semios

Non-illuminated signage

  • Window film for persons with reduced mobility on mirrored surface. 7 m x 2.30 m cut-out adhesive decorations.
  • Digitally printed decoration on adhesive film from 9 m to 16.50 m. Mass-coloured or colourless digitally printed and semi-cut vinyl polymer film.

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