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Bouygues Telecom

A growing network

Enseignes lumineuses façade et drapeau bouugues telecom - semios


Bouygues Telecom

A growing network

Bouygues Telecom asked Semios and their network of experts to continue the creation and installation of its shop signs in France.

  • Thanks to its storage capacity in its 7000 m² production plant, Semios was able to offer to mass produce the signs for the Bouygues Telecom Club Network.
  • Semios schedules the installations according to customer requirements, based on the opening or renovation schedules.

The crucial prototype phase!

The challenge?

  • The luminous finish must be homogeneous over the entire light diffusing surface.
  • Semios created several prototypes and performed lighting tests to calibrate and validate with Bouygues Telecom the desired illuminated and non-illuminated colour saturation.
Semios yellow decoration

The solutions?

  • Illuminated block lettering LED Sign with light-diffusing front and opaque coloured relief on welded rails (wall or suspended mountings).
  • Illuminated flag sign with raised logo and lettering with light-diffusing front and opaque coloured relief + mountings and cover plate in mirror-polished stainless steel.