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Espace Le Roux

The showroom

Leroux Brest - Enseignes lumineuses et non lumineuses - Semios


Espace Le Roux

Illuminated and non-illuminated signs

The company Le Roux, heating, sanitary, bathrooms and tiling is an SME with a presence in Brittany since 1938, in the departments of Finistère and Côtes d’Armor.

The company has 5 showrooms and 8 wholesale outlets.

For the open showroom in Brest, Semios manufactured and installed the signs and also the facade cladding with 8 mm wide grooved panels and 8 mm wide Trespa DENVER OAK slats. The unit is fixed to a grey-coated aluminium profile.

Leroux Brest enseigne lumineuse et logo - Semios

Illuminated signage

Sign and logo

  • The “LE ROUX” illuminated text sign is made of 3 mm white light-diffusing acrylic with 3 mm black opaque acrylic edge with white LED internal lighting. Fixing of the sign to the Trespa cladding.
  • The logo consists of a folded, hollowed and red-coated aluminium sheet with a relief of 100 mm. Integration of the letters “L & R” of the logo in laminated 3 mm white light-diffusing acrylic. White LED lighting. Fixing of the logo to 8 mm Trespa laminate.
Semios yellow decoration

Non-illuminated texts:

  • Lettering “pour inspirer votre confort” made of 19 mm white PVC and affixed to 8 mm Trespa laminate.
  • Pictograms and lettering “chauffage – sanitaire – salle de bains – carrelage –” made of 19 mm white PVC fixed onto cladding.