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Groupe Beaumanoir

100 stores equipped per year since 2003

Décoration intérieure - Semios


Groupe Beaumanoir

100 stores equipped per year since 2003

Groupe Beaumanoir includes 5 ready-to-wear brands across more than 40 countries.

Groupe Beaumanoir has trusted Semios since 2003 to equip several of its brands with signage, advertising and decoration solutions throughout France. On average, Semios equips 100 stores per year.

What is the added value of Semios?

It includes a high level of technical expertise and a prototyping phase for each project, manufactured in our production plant.

Création unique réalisée par Semios pour Bonobo

Project details

  • Prototyping phase
  • Support for the group’s national network
  • Coordination with work teams for store openings
  • Exterior signs and interior decorative and signage elements