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Why join us?

2170 heures de formation chez Semios

Because skills development is encouraged

For Semios, training is essential to the personal and professional development of all our employees and it is integrated throughout their working career.

Semios et ses 150 collaborateurs

Because Semios is a medium-sized, people-focused company

With its 150 employees at its headquarters in Le Rheu and 5 agencies in Brest, Casablanca, Nantes, Paris and Rennes, Semios offers the benefits of an approachable SME that focuses on interpersonal relationships and a caring approach, while remaining a solid company and a leader in the French market for signage, advertising and decoration.

Ancienneté moyenne de Semios 12,8 ans

Because our teams are stable and experienced

Semios believes that experience is a key success factor, both for our employees and for the quality of the services we offer our customers.

Because your ambition is taken into account

Career development is an integral part of Semios’ strategy and it encourages and fosters employee motivation.

Sonia - témoignage équipe Semios

Sonia’s career path

“I started in 2001 as a sales assistant. With a sales background, my goal was to develop my career in this field. Semios offered me a position as an account manager that allowed me to develop my contact with customers while reinforcing my technical knowledge of the business. In June 2017, I was appointed sales representative for Semios. I have real career progression opportunities!”

Because respect for diversity is a priority

Semios opposes all forms of discrimination and attaches great importance to respect for diversity: there is no discrimination of any kind in our approach to hiring, equal pay, employment of disabled workers, etc.

Because we share the same values

Semios grows its business in line with values that are shared and fostered by our 150 employees on a daily basis.


We constantly push our limits and pursue an agenda of continuous improvement.


Our complementarity is a reflection of our employees’ expertise.


Respect for our differences forges our cohesiveness