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Reminder of the regulations concerning outdoor signs in effect since 01/07/18

Mandatory compliance for all signs

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What does this mean?

French decree No 2012-118 of January 2012 gave businesses six years to comply with the regulations in force.
As of 1 July 2018 all signs must be fully compliant!

This compliance concerns all signs, both new and existing.

Details of the main rules

The regulations impose several rules:

  • The surface area of signs on commercial facades is limited to 15% for facades greater than 50 m² and 25% for facades less than 50 m²;
  • The total surface area of the roof signs of the same building must not exceed 60 m², except for certain cultural institutions. The list is laid down by order of the Minister of Culture;
  • Roof signs must be in cut-out letters;
  • Illuminated signs must be turned off between 1:00 am and 6:00 am when the business activity advertised has ceased;
  • Flashing illuminated signs are prohibited, except for pharmacy or other emergency service signs;
  • Signs must not extend beyond the roof gutter line. Signs are fitted to the facade or on the roof;
  • Signs of more than 1 m² fixed to or installed directly on the ground are limited to one on each of the roads open to public traffic bordering the building where the activity is carried out;
  • Application form CERFA 14798*01 for authorisation to display a sign is the sole legal administrative document applicable throughout France.

Semios attaches great importance to compliance with the regulations in force, and all our agencies can offer you reliable support in this regard.

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