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In-house, made in France manufacturing.

Semios, committed to developing French industry

Semios yellow decoration

In-house, made in France manufacturing.

Semios has always favoured in-house, Made in France manufacturing.

Manufacturing in-house means that we have end-to-end control of each project.

Manufacturing in France means participating in the development of industry in France. We carefully select our materials for their quality and durability, and we have a range of high-performance machines that ensure the level of quality required by our internal processes.

Industrial capacity

7000 m² production plant

The Semios production plant is ISO 14001 certified for Environment. This is firm commitment that Semios employees implement on a daily basis because of our strong convictions and to meet your needs.

Additional expertise

Semios has a 7000 m² production plant at its headquarters near Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine). Signage, advertising and decoration all require different types of expertise. Semios provides these services in-house through its various departments:

  • Adhesive Cutting department
  • Aluminium and Plastic Milling department
  • Casing department: assembly and bonding of plastic materials
  • Decor department: application of adhesives and digital printing
  • Metalwork department: manufacture of steel and/or aluminium frames and embossed lettering
  • Painting department: application of coatings in a spray booth with an automatic dosing system
  • Lighting department: fitting and wiring of light sources
  • Final Assembly department: assembly, wiring and quality control of products before shipment
  • Packing and Shipping department: product packaging and preparation of shipments

High-performance equipment

The Semios production plant has a range of high-performance machines, including:

  • Plotters for cutting adhesives
  • Numerically controlled 4 m x 2 m milling machines
  • Spray booth (integrated electronic dosing)
  • Electronic vacuum system for neon tubes
  • Automatic embossing machines
  • Digital press brakes
  • Numerically controlled electric saw for metals
  • Liquid resin machine

4 production workshops at Semios’ agencies

Semios workshops, centres of expertise

Semios has 4 production workshops at its agencies in Brest, Nantes, Paris and Rennes. Each workshop has developed an expertise which is made available to all Semios agencies.

Brest agency workshop

Plastic in all its forms

The Brest workshop has all the necessary skills to manufacture signage, advertising and decoration products. It is also equipped for thermoforming, a skill that benefits all Semios agencies: thermoformed signs, as well as all plastic parts: custom-made decoration, and unique pieces for the nautical and research sectors.

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Nantes agency workshop

Events and extra large format signage

The Nantes workshop has all the skills to assemble and install signage, advertising and decoration in Nantes and the surrounding area. It is also the centre of expertise across all Semios agencies for events and extra large format displays.

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Paris agency workshop

Laser cutting and sublimation printing

The Paris workshop has all the necessary equipment to manufacture and install signage, advertising, decoration and digital printing solutions. It also provides laser cutting and sublimation printing services for all Semios agencies: illuminated interior decoration, sound-insulated walls, laser engraving and cutting, etc.

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Rennes agency workshop

Digital printing

The Rennes workshop has all the skills to assemble and install signage, advertising and decoration in Rennes and the surrounding area. It is also the centre of expertise for digital printing and visual communication media for all Semios agencies: vehicle wrapping, pop-up stands, totems, vertical banners, pull-up banners, hanging banners, etc.

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