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Semios employees

Providing comprehensive signage, advertising and decoration solutions

Semios et ses 150 collaborateurs

Semios: 130 employees

Semios has 130 employees at its headquarters in Le Rheu (Ille-et-Vilaine), where its production plant is also located, and also at its agencies in Brest, Nantes, Paris and Rennes.

Semios is organised into four strategic units:

  • Development
  • Projects
  • Operations
  • Support

Development Unit

The Development Unit combines all the sales functions of prospecting and consulting, marketing, innovation sourcing and international development.

Projects Unit

The Projects Unit groups all the project management related functions: purchasing, procurement, costing, studies, computer graphics, project management and customer service.

Operations Unit

The Operations Unit provides planning, production, shipping, installation and methodology services.

Support Unit

The Support Unit comprises the Accounting, Human Resources, Communication and QSE (Quality-Safety-Environment) departments.

A cross-functional organisation

The cross-functional organisation of these 4 Units across all Semios sites allows us to:

  • Manage all the projects assigned to us from A to Z with standardised organisational procedures.
  • Optimise our production teams to ensure the best lead times.
  • Consolidate the supply of raw materials to our production plant and workshops to optimise costs while selecting quality products.
  • Develop our expertise by sharing skills between sites.

The 130 Semios employees have complementary skills and share the values of versatility, quality and expertise.