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History of Semios

Take a step back in time and find out about the history of Semios

Semios consolidated its expertise over several decades and has extended its skills by integrating a total of 8 entities to offer a comprehensive range of signage, advertising and decoration services. Semios is the result of the solid foundation and expertise of strong, recognised brands.

In January 2020, these 8 entities chose to merge to form a single common Semios brand which reflects the complementary nature of their work, enabling them to meet your needs and expectations in terms of signage, advertising and decoration services.

Semios enseigne signalétique décoration

Together under a single brand –

All Group entities now share a common Semios identity.


Semios Group becomes Semios Alliance

Semios, fruit de 8 entités

Our entities adopt the colours of the Semios Group

The 8 entities of the Semios Group update their respective logos with common colours to emphasise that they are part of the Semios Group and to highlight their common approach: vision, values and shared expertise to provide global solutions to their customers.

L’usine Semios certifiée ISO 9001

The Semios Group’s production plant in Le Rheu is ISO 9001 certified.

SED Enseignes devient Semios

SED Enseignes joins the Semios Group

SED Enseignes, based in the Paris region, joins the Semios Group and develops its business in the Paris region with local, national and network deployment activities, particularly in the luxury sector.

InVisu devient Semios

The Semios Group creates a specific offering aimed at shopping centres and retail parks.

Because the needs of shopping centres and retail parks are very specific, the Semios Group created the InVisu brand specifically for this sector, and put in place a team of experts, covering signage planning in particular.

Semiosign devient Semios

The Semios Group expands in Africa

In order to meet the needs of its customers on the African continent and to develop its business with new Key Accounts, the company Semiosign was established in Casablanca. The aim is to expand to provide services across the entire continent.

44 Enseignes devient Semios

44 Enseignes joins the Semios Group

Established in 1990, 44 Enseignes is based in La Chapelle sur Erdre on the outskirts of Nantes. The company provides signage solutions to businesses in the Nantes region.

Le Groupe Semios

Formation of the Semios Group

Patrick Floren forms the Semios Group, bringing together the companies AS Enseignes, Insignis, Lumiplastique and Signa-Vision.

Usine Semios certifiée ISO 14001

The Semios Group’s production plant is ISO 14001 certified.

Signa-Vision devient Semios

Armor Communication joins the Group

Established in 1992, Armor Communication, known under the brand name Signa-Vision, joins the Group, bringing its expertise in digital printing. Signa-Vision is based in Cesson-Sévigné (Ille-et-Vilaine) and La Chapelle sur Erdre (Loire-Atlantique).

AS Enseignes devient Semios

AS Enseignes joins the Group

AS Enseignes, established in 1969, joins the Group and continues to grow its regional and national business specialising in the world of cinema at a national level.


The companies are acquired by the Athena Group

The Athena Group acquires the companies Lumiplastique and Insignis and continues to grow its business at a regional level in Brittany, as well as nationally.

Bretagne Enseignes, l’histoire d’Insignis

Bretagne Enseignes becomes Insignis

Bretagne Enseignes grows its business over the years While keeping its Breton roots, the company became a national player and changed its name to Insignis.

Patrick Floren Président de Semios

Patrick Floren becomes CEO of the companies.

Groupe Ouest France

Both companies are acquired by Ouest France

The Ouest France Group acquires Lumiplastique and Bretagne Enseignes to form a Group and expand its business in Brittany.

Lumiplastique devient Semios

Mr Payen acquires Lumiplastique

Established in 1979 in Guipavas near Brest (Finistère), Lumiplastique is a sign maker specialising in the processing of plastics in the Brest region. Lumiplastique is an expert in thermoforming.

Création de Bretagne Enseignes

Creation of Bretagne Enseignes

The company Bretagne Enseignes was created in 1973 by Mr Payen. Based in Le Rheu, the professional sign maker develops its business in the Rennes region.