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Signage planning optimises the customer journey

Research and strategic consulting to optimise the customer journey in a commercial space

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Going out this weekend?

Commercial spaces are no longer just groupings of retail outlets.
They have become places of leisure that combine consumption, entertainment and relaxation for the whole family.

In this context, commercial spaces must optimise their marketing and sales strategy to respond to these new trends.

The customer journey and the quality of guidance offered to consumers are among the key principles of this objective: clear, fluid and efficient guidance is an essential condition for generating traffic and building loyalty within commercial spaces.

The range of services on offer is growing. However they must be more transparent than ever to ensure the comfort and well-being of consumers who have decided to visit the shopping centre as a “fun outing”.

Signalétique en centre commercial réalisée par Semios

Guide and enchant your customers…

The customer journey is the “route” proposed to customers when they visit a commercial space. It must meet a certain number of criteria, in particular the objective that has become a priority for customers – to be entertained.

This is the aim of signage planning.

A customer journey is designed to offer consumers the possibility of dividing the visit between shopping, a gourmet break, a stroll, a children’s play area,… all while constantly giving them the feeling that they are in control of the space and can easily find their bearings.

Ultimately, optimised signage can give the feeling of “strolling” through the commercial area.

It is important to note that the consumer is not searching for something in particular, they are being guided within a setting meticulously managed by signage.

How does signage planning optimise your customer journey?

First of all, relevant signage is not determined by the number of displays installed throughout the commercial area.

It is rather the synergy between product type, location and content and meets needs that are carefully analysed prior to implementation. A study of the customer journey based on an analysis of site plans, the flow of people (entrances/exits), flagship stores, and also the technical, architectural and budgetary constraints makes it possible to determine potential optimisation strategies.

This study must be carried out methodically, as must its implementation, which, to be effective, can only be performed in strict compliance with the charter and the signage displays available. Using the right type of display in the right place guarantees the fluidity and transparency of the journey.

Optimised signage allows the consumer to take ownership of the space, to naturally understand the rhythm offered by the commercial area… and to buy into it. When this is observed, we consider that the signage has effectively fulfilled its objective!

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