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Enseigne drapeau réalisée par Semios pour Yves Rocher
Hanging signs

Hanging signs

Hanging or double-sided signs are installed perpendicular to the business facade so that they can be seen from either side. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

It is important to take into account existing regulations, which may impose size constraints.

Semios will assist you through all stages of your project: from defining your needs to installing your solution. Do you have a project for a single-unit or do you need to deploy signage for a regional, national or international business network?
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What is the maximum surface area allowed for a facade sign?

Read this Semioscope article to find out about the surface area allowed for your facade signs.

When should you apply for a permit for your sign?

Read this Semioscope article for information on applying for a permit before installing your sign.

Some hanging sign solutions