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Écran LED double face - Semios
Double-sided LED display

Digital signage

No more static displays, switch to digital signage!

Switch to new communication media for your site(s) via indoor or outdoor LED screens, displays or totems for shop windows, video walls, dynamic POS displays, touch terminals, holographic fan displays, etc.

Dynamic digital displays complement traditional advertising media and offer many benefits.

Attractive displays

Digital signage allows unlimited creativity. A dynamic and captivating means of communication.

According to some studies, digital signage has 4 times more stopping power than traditional displays.

Simple and independent content management

Create your digital signage easily and without any assistance!
A number of software programs are available that allow you to create powerful presentations in record time.

The software is simple and intuitive to use. You can choose a basic model, called a template, which does not require any specific configuration. Dynamic digital signage allows you to use a broad range of content in all types of formats (.jpg, .png, .mp4, etc.).

Multi-site broadcasting and programming

Semios offers digital signage solutions that allow you to broadcast your content in real time across multiple sites or to specific sites, depending on your strategy.

This provides great flexibility when updating your rates, promotions, special offers, etc.

You can also schedule your content display. Choose the date and time of your broadcast!

Scalable solutions

You can expand your display options with complete peace of mind because different types of screens can be added as your needs evolve.

The different types of dynamic digital signage displays

Choose from a wide range of displays:

  • indoor or outdoor LED screens,
  • displays and totems for shop windows,
  • image walls,
  • dynamic POS displays,
  • touch terminals,
  • holographic displays.

Dynamic digital signage