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Enseigne extérieure lumineuse réalisée par Semios
Outdoor illuminated sign

Illuminated signs

Illuminated signs are a great way to enhance your image. They are also one of the oldest ways of communicating information!

A sign is any permanent, durable inscription, design or image affixed to a building that relates to an activity carried out there. It is unique and will make your business stand out from its competitors.

Materials have evolved over the years, with the result that today we can create solutions to suit everyone’s needs.

The signs are fitted with an integrated or external lighting system.

And remember: illuminated signs are meant to be seen without illuminating the surrounding area!

Types of illuminated signs

In the past, illuminated signs were essentially neon signs. Signs using light-emitting diode (LED) technology is now most commonly used in our products.

Illuminated signs are available in different forms: illuminated channel letters, hollow or thermoformed letters, and lightboxes or banner signs.

Semios will assist with your project, whether for a single-unit or across a business network.

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