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LED sign

LED signs

Indoors or outdoors, LED signs are now part of the visual communication landscape for various reasons. Discover the advantages of LED signs

A low-energy solution

The ratio of power consumption to light output is unbeatable. This is the major advantage of this technology!

An LED sign consumes up to 10 times less energy than a conventional incandescent light.

This explains why LED signs are replacing other lighting systems.

Excellent durability

LED signs are the solution that offers the most durability.

This also reduces their environmental impact.

A few ballpark figures for comparison:

  • Fluorescent tubes: 3,000 hours
  • Neon tubes: 30,000 hours
  • LED: 50,000 hours

What is the maximum surface area allowed for a facade sign?

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When should you apply for a permit for your sign?

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