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Enseigne croix de pharmacie Semios
Pharmacy cross

Pharmacy cross

A pharmacy cannot open without a cross sign. It is usually illuminated, but does not have to be.

The LED pharmacy cross

In the past, illuminated pharmacy crosses were mainly lit using high-voltage neon tubes.
Today, almost all pharmacy crosses use LEDs. This technology has several advantages over the old neon pharmacy crosses.

  • It consumes less electricity than neon,
  • It is programmable,
  • It allows pharmacies to communicate on the subjects of their choice (promotions, holiday messages, car park location, etc.),
  • It can also communicate the date, time and temperature,
  • 3D animations can be added.

Pharmacy cross with straight or rounded edges

Semios pharmacy cross with rounded edges Semios pharmacy cross with straight edges

Pharmacy cross validated by the Architectes des Bâtiments de France (French Building Architects)

Semios “Bâtiments de France” approved pharmacy cross

Types of pharmacy crosses

Pharmacy crosses can be of different sizes, single or double-sided.

Our range of pharmacy crosses also allows different brands of LEDs with different brightness levels to be used.

They are usually green, but can also have two-coloured LEDs.

Their chassis can also be white or grey.

Legislation requires the cross to be turned off from 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m., unless the pharmacy is on duty.

The colour of your pharmacy cross frame

Several colours are available for the pharmacy cross frame

Cadre croix de pharmacie Semios RAL 7047

Grey – RAL 7047

cadre croix de pharmacie Semios RAL 9006

Stainless steel – RAL 9006

cadre croix de pharmacie Semios RAL 9016

White – RAL 9016

Cadre croix de pharmacie Semios RAL 6032

Green – RAL 6032