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Solution éco-responsable à basse de cosse de riz - Semios
An ideal eco-friendly alternative for your visual communication

Rice husks

Sustainable development

This revolutionary new material made from rice husks invites you to think differently about your signage, advertising, design and decoration projects!

100% recyclable, it is a natural and durable material made of rice husks (waste from the food industry), rock salt and mineral oil.

It adapts to being indoors or outdoors

Design your visual communication displays differently with rice husks!

Rice husks: a new material from Semios’ Sign’Lab

The Sign’Lab is Semios’ in-house innovation laboratory. Open to our 150 employees, it offers collaborative research workshops on several themes, all geared towards eco-design.
Want to find out more about the Sign’Lab? It’s this way!
Within the framework of this research, reflections and discussions carried out by the team, this rice husk-based product was identified as an eco-friendly alternative with extremely interesting properties and potential for our business!

Tests and applications

Semios has subjected this material to various tests carried out in-house within the framework of business applications… And the results are conclusive!

  • Cutting and milling: dense but soft material. Can be cut and sanded very easily. Chips are recoverable and recyclable. Supports engraving very well.
  • Shaping by thermoforming: very good shape retention. No distortion of the edges during shaping.
  • Shaping by gluing and screwing: very good penetration of screws, very good permeation and bonding with gluing
  • Surface coating: printable material, adhesive and paintable without special pretreatment
  • Robust, both indoors and outdoors: highly resistant to UV, water and temperature changes

Available sizes and thicknesses

  • Available thicknesses: 8-12 and 20 mm
  • Sheet dimensions: 2440 X 1220 mm

Example of signage application