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Stand parapluie par Semios
Pop-up stand


Even in the age of the Internet and virtual reality, participating in fairs and exhibitions remains a major activity for professionals to meet the public, prospects, partners and customers.

The challenge is to create an attractive, evocative and qualitative space.

The temporary stand must be transportable, set up and dismantled in a short period of time.

Semios can assist you with:

  • Supplies for pop-up stands
  • Supplies for custom modular stands
  • Furnishings for your shell scheme stand
  • Decorating your pavilion stand

Supplies for your pop-up stand

An existing space (shell scheme stand, shopping gallery, hall, etc.) can also be quickly furnished!

In this case, opt for self-supporting mobile solutions such as pop-up (magnetic polyester strips) or hop-up (folding structure with integrated crease-resistant fabric visuals) stands.

A range of counters and retractable displays easily complete the decoration of your pop-up stand.

Pop up stand – Semios

Supplies for your custom modular stand

The modular stand is made of panels and is very similar to a pavilion stand. The partitions are made of printed fabric stretched over aluminium profile frames.


  • Lightweight,
  • Easy to store,
  • Easily transportable.

Modular stand – Semios

Furnishings for your shell scheme stand

Very often, the exhibition organiser provides the advertiser with a shell scheme stand, made up of aluminium structures and panels (PVC or melamine) that must be covered.

Semios makes your customised coverings in M1 fire-retardant polyester canvas (tarpaulin) printed in full colour.

These canvases are hung on the existing structure and stretched using hangers (snap rails) on top and bottom (Twista rails).

Decoration of a shell scheme stand by Semios

Decorating a pavilion stand

The custom-made stand is often a pavilion stand that uses noble materials such as wood, metal and glass.
This is similar to building techniques.

First we carry out a preliminary plan and studies, before moving on to construction in the workshop by different the teams involved: carpenters, joiners, metalworkers, welders, painters, etc.

It is a long-term, multidisciplinary project that requires a great deal of preparatory work to be able to package, transport, install, dismantle and store the stand for later reuse.

Semios can assist you in the decoration phase of this type of stand. We can do all the stand decorations, graphics, panels, signs, lightboxes, POS displays, etc.

Semios also offers a range of stretched fabric solutions.

Decorating a custom-made pavilion stand – Semios