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Vehicle advertising: possibilities and rules

Advantages and limitations of vehicle advertising

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There are several advantages to vehicle advertising, especially for companies with a local reach:

  • The visibility: as the vehicle moves around, it provides a very good level of visibility, and if the advertisement is well chosen the effect will be immediate.
  • The objective: vehicle graphics can be used to promote any type of message: a new product, a promotional offer, a corporate message, etc.
  • Cost: vehicle advertising is a good-value option because it has a life span of about 5 years.

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Is vehicle advertising subject to authorisation?


Vehicle advertising does not fall within the scope of the Environmental Code and is therefore not subject to authorisation, regardless of the type of vehicle.

Is vehicle advertising subject to the Local Tax on Outdoor Advertising (TLPE)?


The TLPE applies only to fixed advertising displays.

What are the types of display graphics?

  • Total wraps: this cover the entire vehicle, transforming it into an advertising tool. This solution is not cheap because it requires excellent technical expertise and considerable application time,
  • Partial wrap: this covers part of the vehicle (e.g. only the rear or the windows). Partial wrapping is a compromise that provides very good visibility on a limited budget.
  • Vehicle graphics: this solution consists of adding a few essential elements related to the business, e.g. logo, address and email. This solution provides clear, visible information allowing potential customers to contact your business.

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